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How To Install Vinyl Siding
How to install vinyl siding by Gresham Siding – Vinyl is a type of siding that falls among the most durable ones.

The installation process of vinyl siding is also very straightforward which makes it possible to cut the cost that would have been required if the home owner was to enlist a different person to do the labor instead.

The following is a systematic way that one should follow if he or she wants to install vinyl siding on their own. The tools required are so basic.

Watch this informative video to get an idea on how to install vinyl siding

You need to have level tape measure, snips, hammer and chalk line. The only material you are required to have is the nails.

The first thing you need to do is to measure then you cut the corner post. Ensure that there is a gap in-between the post’s top edge and the house’s eve.

This gap should measure half an inch. Secondly, cut the vinyl siding. Here you are required to first of all measure the required length that you will need of the siding.

After getting the measurement, you should mark it just to be sure, then you cut it out to be left with only the one that you need.

For cutting, you can use snips to help you cut into the flanges. Ensure that you cut deeply such that you cut the entire J-flange.

Third, you are required to nail in the corner post. You do this by placing the corner post on top of the post then nailing it there.

You should check for the plumb and make sure that you fasten your posts in every 12 minutes. Forth, you make chalk line for the first piece.

Determine the part of the wall that is the smallest. This is where you should install siding. Your line should run across the house for the first horizontal piece.

Next, you should lay the strip on top of your chalk line and ensure that it is leveled. After this, attach the starter strip.

You do this by nailing the starter strip onto you house in every ten inches. When you are done, attach a trim piece.

Miter all ends of your J-channel and trim it to fit the widths of two channels which are wide in comparison to the window opening.

Attach the piece that you have trimmed under the window. Cut their sides to length then install them on either window sides.

The trim piece should then be placed on top of your window. Install the first siding piece.

You first cut this piece into length, and then you install it on top of the starter strip which you had already nailed in.

After this, you can now install the rest of the siding. Ensure that each siding piece is nailed since it prevents it from driving all way into the house.

The gap that you leave should be at least an eighth of an inch. You later on over lay every successive siding piece until it covers the whole house.

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Now that you have an idea how to do a vinyl siding installation, when you follow this procedure, your vinyl siding will appear very seamless and very pleasing to look at. Learn more here