A brief intro to James Hardie Siding products

James Hardie siding Verticle Siding - Gresham SidingJames Hardie siding also known as cement board siding has been in existence for many years. Its popularity however is still slightly above average. Its name originates from the very company that makes it.

James Hardie is a world leader in the manufacture and development of cement building products. Among the products James Hardie makes are sidings, soffits, trim, wrap and flashing products.

Some products including hardie board siding come with color plus technology. As a leading manufacturer, James Hardie siding is quite resourceful having an installation website to assist builders and contractors in using its products.

The website includes general installation procedures for specific products and the proper tools a builder requires to use. Additionally, the website has instructions on the care and maintenance of James Hardie products.

We provided the following video to help those DIY’ers who want to install themselves. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations for installing James Hardie products.

Durability of James Hardie siding

Hardie sidings are slowly becoming trendy. The reason for this is because they last long. Hardie board sidings are proven to be totally rot resistant and capable of handling salt spray from anywhere.

Interestingly, the warranty on a hardie board siding is a 50 year limited transferable one. The fire resistance siding is 90% sand and cement.

A famous example in Minnesota is a house fire long ago which torches down two trucks at a distance of 60 feet away from it. Coincidentally the fire does not harm a hardie siding house that sits 50 feet away from it.

Hardie board siding and their colorful nature

In the opening discussion, there is mention of James Hardie products and color plus technology. The other reason hardie sidings are becoming popular is because they come in a wide variety of colors and texture that are affordable.

The various colors on the boards come with a 10 to 15 year warranty on the finish. In addition to the wide variety of colors, maintenance in terms of repainting is cheap and easy.

The importance of a Hardie board siding’s appearance

Despite hardie sidings coming in options of many different colors, it can be made to mimic any other siding materials. These may include cedar shingles, wood lap boards or wood shake sidings.

These varying shapes are important on the basis of their purpose. Some shapes are more storm resistant than others.

Due to this diversity, whether it’s a siding to withstand a hurricane or fend off a summer hailstorm, a hardie board siding is a proven commodity in the weather department.

Two disadvantages of Hardie sidings

There are only two main reasons as to why hardie sidings are not recommendable:
Firstly, due to its weight, it requires more people to install. High installation costs translates into labor costs.

This implies a bigger labor force and longer periods of installation. The cost can actually go to $10 per square foot installed. One should plan to spend about 40% more should they choose it over vinyl.

Secondly, it is not a maintenance free product. Hardie board sidings require paintwork after every 15 years. This brings in another demerit.

That of the lifetime warranty which is restricted on the siding but not it’s finishing. This is because the finishing which includes paintwork lasts only up to 15 years.